Field Recording

Last Thursday night (30th Oct, 2014) I went out, late into the night, endeavouring to record some location sound effects for a forthcoming sound design project. Myself and the two other members of this small sound design team walked the streets of Salford with the aim of building up our sound library of mechanical sounds for the project.

Here are a few of sounds we recorded during this field recording session. All of these sounds were recorded using a Zoom H4n recorder. The sounds, at this stage, are completely raw, unprocessed recordings.

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Sound in Animation: Reality Vs. Perception


Reality in animation is subjective, and it is often the case that plausibility is favoured. An animated film requires the viewer to suspend their sense of reality and be drawn into a world beyond that of ‘real world’ limitations. Animation uses techniques such as contrast and exaggeration to achieve plausibility. In this post I will be exploring some of the techniques used by sound designers in animation that alter our perception of that that the on-screen images portray. Continue reading